Thanks for dropping in to my little corner of the Interwebz.

I use this site to document my wanderings around the place, a bit of what I’m up to, and for a whole load of memories. I am a keen amateur photographer so there are a lot of pictures here. I particularly like photographing our trips and holidays, and classic cars any chance I get.

I’m also working on putting together a comprehensive list of Car Museums around the world, which may be interesting or even useful to some.

Feel free to look around, and I hope you enjoy yourself.


If you’re looking for my photography site…

I bought a new plant for Jeff's house the other day.. It's an Haworthia (I think).. Whatever.. Jeff LOVES it..
Dani mentioned in passing one day that she had been into a Garden Centre/Pet store (Olivers) and they had a
The day was a bit dismal, but the Hot Rods were Brilliant, as usual! I was testing a new 35mm
I'm sure that anyone who has followed Motor Racing for a while has heard of the Legendary Brooklands, the world's
It's been AGES since I posted anything here - life has been a bit hectic! Since my last post I've
I had to pop up to the National Motor Museum to do a little maintenance on a vehicle there, so
This road trip that I'm going to share with you came about as a result of an accidental internet find.
[imgur id=zb4G4Qm.jpg] Before you enter the sheds that house the museum, there are some very pretty gardens, and bits and
It was very busy, people everywhere, and the cars were parked right on top of each other, so it was
Google took us to the spot, but the outside of the building showed little indication of the rumoured treasures within...
As the cruise participants milled around I wandered in and out taking pictures of their cars, starting with this VERY
There is also a very famous institution here in Adelaide called Vili's Cafe de Wheels, where you can buy (and