Sliema, Malta 2019

The flight from Spain to Malta was uneventful, but we were surprised to find no evidence of Customs at the airport (there was on the way out – shades of Cambodia!). We grabbed a taxi (no Uber on Malta!) from the airport to our hotel, and it turned out to be quite the adventure. Our Taxi Driver displayed some rarely seen skills, in that he was able to navigate the busy streets and highways at break-neck speeds. One-handed. Whilst using the same hand to smoke a cigarette, tune his radio, and talk on his mobile phone. Simultaneously. Formula One should be looking to Malta for their drivers, I suggest. When we (gratefully) arrived at our Hotel in Sliema, it turned out to be really nice, helpful and friendly staff, and was just a few minutes walk (down a steep hill!) to the harbour of Sliema, which would be the base for our adventures around Malta!